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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I want to go to Alaska...

Anybody know anything about it?

I've got a meeting in Seattle in 2007. Maybe I can swing a trip then?

People Change

Hopefully for the better.

And it's me I'm talking about.

I used to dislike Mark Cuban. I thought he was an arrogant, loud-mouthed, lucky geek. I wrote him and his team off, never wanting them to even come close to winning.

I think he's still a loud-mouth and geeky, but not so bad. He seems very approachable. I think my opinion changed on him after I saw him interviewed.

I don't know what happened, but I kind of like him now. Here's Mark Cuban's blog...not that my change of heart on him has anything to do with his blog. I just found it recently.

As a matter of fact, I want the Heat to win. I'm for Shaq, you know.

This made from chuckle (from the game before last, emphasis mine):
On a steal and breakaway, Miami's Jason Williams waited for a trailing O'Neal, who as he was gathering himself for a backboard-bending dunk, was knocked to the floor by Stackhouse - the Mavs forward risking life and limb by tackling the Diesel.
O'Neal didn't have a problem with Stackhouse's blindside.
"My daughters tackle me harder when I come home," he said. "I'm one of the last players from the old school, you just have to take a hard foul like that and keep on moving. It actually felt pretty good to get hit like that. Thank you, Jerry. Appreciate it."

Face first on the floor, O'Neal attempted to get up, but if he had any thoughts about retaliating Wade made sure he didn't. Wade pushed down on his teammate as players on both teams exchanged dirty looks and dirtier words.
"That's a hard foul on a big guy," Mavericks guard Darrell Armstrong said. "Stack ain't trying to hurt nobody. That's just playoff basketball. But you've got heroes like Antoine Walker who come up and feel like they got to say something. For what?"
O'Neal made two free throws - he finished 5-of-10 from the line - and two by Wade gave Miami a 20-point lead with 6:23 left in the period.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Jake on Ukelele: Tearing it up

So as mentioned, I had a meeting in Hawaii earlier this year. On that trip, I brought back a souvenir ukelele for Baby ETJB. Back then, her screaming and crying fits were sometime inconsolable. We'd try anything to chill her out. Nothing worked.

You see where this is going?

The only thing that consistently brought her out of full meltdown mode was me, the original ETJB, playing that purple, toy ukelele. Worked every time.

So, Mrs. ETJB's brother works at the Guitar Center. When we last visited him, he hooked me up with a real ukelele. Now, I can play a little better and Baby ETJB is happier anyway....

But watch this guy. He cooks: