Pretty good, huh?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Googletalk fun with my wife

Her: You have Mikes name - I have an idea of what to get him

ETJB: vodka
polish vodka
why--what you got?


ETJB: from kathy?
her idea?

Her: actually Real Simple, but that's exactly who I thought of when I saw it, and it turns out that you have his name
he's always fixin stuff
and building stuff

Sent at 4:16 PM on Wednesday
Her: what do you think?

ETJB: vodka
i've been waiting to pull his name for years
so i could get him some polish vodka

Sent at 4:22 PM on Wednesday
Her: it's up to you, but I think the magnetic pin cushion is better

ETJB: yeah, you would
i'll be sure to tell him it was my wifes idea
from one of her magazines

Her: he can get his own vodka

ETJB: he's too cheap to get what he likes
already discussed it

Her: ok - get whatever you want

ETJB: hmmm
magnetic pin cushion
or his favorite booze.
let me sleep on it.

Her: that's not really what's it called

ETJB: that's what it looks like
whos got my name

Her: karen

ETJB: tell her i want some crochet hooks

Her: shut up

ETJB: or some booties

Sent at 4:25 PM on Wednesday
Her: mike probably already has the handyman's helper anyway

ETJB: yeah
it's called his right pocket